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Sounds of Images: A Dialogue between Music and the Arts

Conceptual Idea and Presentation by
Paolo Bartolani
in collaboration with 
East End Arts Council

Rainer Gross
painter / visual artist
Gene Pritsker
composer / multimedia instrumentalist / guitarist

The performance takes place with two artists on the stage: Rainer Gross, painter, visual artist and Gene Pritsker, composer, multimedia instrumentalist, guitarist.
It is a strange but compelling duet almost an encounter in the ring where both artists are in an awkward situation: the musician who must perform music with a visual artist as partner, while the visual artist presents their visual work, but finds themselves on the stage playing the role of a performer. We are not in the presence of a visual exhibition with musical accompaniment much less we are witnessing an oral presentation by the visual artist.
Instead, we witness the enchantment of two artists who confronted each other on the stage with their own means of expression, seeking where it is possible to make the two arts interact or create contrasts. The performance takes place in the presence of the master of ceremonies who directs the times and durations of each protagonist and the end of the performance. The audience sits with the two artists and actively participates in the pure energy of the performative act.
The performance must necessarily take place in spaces dedicated to the presentation of visual arts such as salons, the art galleries or in the intimate spaces of art studios.

The event is finished.


Nov 04 2022


5:00 pm



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Riverhead Town


EEA Gallery
11 West Gallery at 11 W. Main St., Peconic Crossing building, Riverhead, NY 11901
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