Enjoy the East End Al Fresco. 
From Riverhead to Orient to Montauk

The Eastern End of Long Island, New York City’s backyard beach getaway, offers a variety of fun activities for all ages and interests. From Riverhead to Greenport to Montauk, there are the Hamptons, North Fork farms and vineyards, breweries, scenic beaches, and stunning views. From tall ship festivals to music festivals to drag racing events, to the Long Island Aquarium, Splish Splash, and the Parrish Art Museum, there’s something for everyone.

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By Vanessa Gordon


As we begin to open our business and community even further this summer, we welcome and invite visitors to the East End of Long Island to discover what to see, where to go, and what to do. In addition, we introduce you to members of our beloved New York region that encompasses the North and South Forks.


When we asked several longtime locals on the East End, “What does ‘End Up Here’ mean to them?”, their answers embodied the heart and soul of where they have called home and have established businesses.


We invite you to get to know just some of the many incredible people that represent the East End tourism destination.




Soak In What’s Around Us


Growing up and working on Long Island, and owning a business is such a unique experience. Many of us take for granted the beautiful surroundings we are lucky enough to call home.


“Ending up” on the east end means taking some time to look around, [and] soak in what we have. It means taking a staycation right here!


Make time to stop at a local market & experience what we grow, stop at a local brewery or restaurant & taste what other locals are working hard to create. Visit a park or beach and realize that we’re surrounded by local beauty, and really make the most of that.”


Sheila Malone, Manager of Long Ireland Beer Co.


A Labor of Love


“Ending up here for us is a labor of love. Having grown up on the South Fork, our family has planted our roots firmly in Greenport Village to be nearer to local and sustainable food, country vibes and the breathtaking water culture.


We having come from Switzerland and feel a strong kinship with our community as their lifestyle has so many similarities to our heritage.


Our three restaurants highlight what ending up here is all about- discovering Craft BBQ and Music at Green Hill Kitchen & ‘Cue, celebrating the maritime cuisine through our retail fish market and dinning room at Anker and our roots by presenting a new concept-in Alpina: a wine bar and Swiss-Italian cuisine.”


Robin Mueller of the Green Hill Group, Greenport


Where We Began


“For us, “end up here” is really about ending up where we began. When we were little, my sister and I came to Drossos to play mini golf with our dad every Sunday (mom got to sleep in!).


Over the years, we got to know the family that made it such a wonderful place, and to have the opportunity to work alongside them, serving Jennie’s great food to new families, is just such a thrill.”


– Andrew Werts, co-owner Werts East LLC “Jennie’s at Drossos” & “Ellen’s on Front


A Life-Long Community


“After a leap of faith in 1998 I bought a deli and building after seeing it for sale in the local classifieds. After founding Duffy’s Deli I was lucky enough to meet my wife Wendy shortly after. She worked across the street at the Elbow Room.


Over the next 18 years we raised 2 boys who now work in the deli as well. Both of them spent time on the back counter in car seats for many long afternoons as infants.


In the 22 years I’ve owned the deli I’ve seen Jamesport transform from a farming community to an ‘agritourism’ destination.


I’ve been an active member of the Jamesport FD for 20 years. The friendships that have gained from being a central part of the Jamesport community are life-long and this way of life is ingrained in the community.  I am very lucky to have “ended up here.”


–Duffy Griffiths, owner of Duffy’s Deli


A Dream Destination


“Ending up here is the dream that our visitors get to appreciate for a moment, but us locals get to experience every day of our lives.


The east end, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing places you could ever live, work or visit. It has so much to offer and so many incredible things to see. I am proud to live and run my business on the east end.


I thank God every day for these blessings.”


– Jerry Dicecco, owner of Jerry and the Mermaid


There Is No Place Better


“Herb Mandel was a successful realtor and businessman. He would show up at my restaurant at 6:00 a.m. before I opened my doors. “Coffee George,” he would say behind his newspaper, not much more.


One day he asked me if I had a minute. He told me that he had traveled all over the world and had often been on cruises that circumnavigated the entire planet. He said, “There is no place better to live on the planet then the North fork of Long Island.”


I was sixteen and thought he was insane. Too rural for a teenager I guess. He was a wise man.”


–George Giannaris, owner of Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant


Where Summer Begins


“’End Up Here’ instantly reminds me of summers at The Lobster Roll. Ending up here is where summer begins. And most importantly, everyone can end up here. The Lobster Roll restaurant is very family friendly in so many ways from priority ordering and food delivery for our youngest customers, to activities and signature freshly baked dessert favorites for children. We are also pet friendly with a special deck area outside for seating.


Our philosophy is meeting the needs of our customers. We are here to serve them.”


-Andrea Anthony, owner of The Lobster Roll AKA Lunch


Much To Offer


“There are so many places to end up at on the east end of Long Island. For me, the whole east end is paradise. I love boating around Shelter Island and Sag Harbor. It is even free to dock your boat in Riverhead!


There are so many different farm stands, and different breweries. It is also phenomenal how many different ethnic restaurants have opened up in these past few years. In Riverhead, for example, we have a Turkish restaurant, a Jamaican restaurant, and Argentinian steakhouse, a taco restaurant, and of course seafood restaurants. There is so much to offer when you end up here!”


-Bob Kern, President of the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce


The Ideal East End Getaway


“When you end up here you get to embrace and take in all the beauty of the East End of Long Island, and the beaches to the vineyards to the quaint towns what a beautiful parks and the unique artist and culture the East End has some thing for everyone.


Begin in the walking-friendly town of Greenport. Then, take the ferry to Shelter Island, eventually ending up in Sag Harbor.


Or, a multiple day trip may include staying in Riverhead at the Hyatt East End on the water. Then, head to the North Fork and enjoy the vineyards and farm stands.


On the next day, head to the South Fork and take in the fantastic towns of the Hamptons and beaches all the way out to Montauk to see the lighthouse or go horseback riding on the beach.


If you end up here, you will have cherished memories to last a lifetime.”


– Bryan DeLuca, Executive Director of the Long Island Aquarium


All Roads Lead to Montauk


“Having been a Montauk resident since childhood and having owned and operated many travel and tourism-based businesses on the East End for over 40 years, the term end up here simply means to me that “all roads lead to Montauk”.


While in the past that may have been a well-kept secret, it is certainly no secret now that Montauk is one the most wonderful travel destinations in the country. Our combination of pristine, white sand beaches coupled with thousands of acres of preserved open spaces and parkland creates the backdrop for some of the best vacation memories available.


Although it’s hard to put into words the uniqueness of the Montauk attitude, I can attest to the fact that once you’ve experienced it you will be forever drawn to return.


With our thousands of guest accommodations, a wealth of casual and fine dining establishments and a multitude of outdoor recreational activities, Montauk has long been and will continue to be the destination of choice for visitors to the east end.”


-Paul Monte, President, Montauk Chamber of Commerce


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