Leaves in a Bowl: A new tea shop in Greenport is helping us discover tea in a worldly way

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There’s a new tea shop in Greenport Village. Leaves in a Bowl is a special place introducing more exotic, premium whole leaf tea and artisan tea ware to the East End of Long Island. Each day at the tea bar, they offer a complimentary taste from their large collection. This helps you to discover and experience the flavors and aromas of freshly brewed tea.

Leaves in a Bowl features a curated selection of premium loose tea from a single origin. It is pure whole leaf tea and unblended, with a few exceptions. When an additional ingredient is required to produce a traditional type of tea, such as Jasmine Pearls, they have chosen the highest quality.

Their menu changes with the season, and they respect the cycle of growth, harvest, and production. Included in their winter collection is an extensive list of tea selections available from Taiwan, Japan, China, Africa and India. Some of these teas will be available until spring or beyond, and others just for a few more weeks. All teas are always available for a complimentary taste.

Leaves in a Bowl owner, Andrea Riesenfeld, is passionate about tea ware as an integral part of the brewing experience. “Aroma, color and taste are all enhanced by the appropriate tea ware for a particular tea, the season and the circumstance.” Learn more about these special items on their website.

On February 29, Leaves in a Bowl will TEAm up with 8 Hands Farm in Cutchogue for a Tea 101 session from 4 to 5pm.  Spend some time in the world of Camellia Sinensis. They will cover the different types of tea, the terroir of iconic tea growing regions, and of course, how to taste tea properly. Enjoy a flight of fine Oolong tea from Taiwan paired with afternoon sweets prepared by the chefs at 8 Hands Farm. To reserve a space, email 8 Hands Farm at carol@8handsfarm.com. To view more about Leaves in a Bowl, visit their website by clicking here.

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Photo: northforker; credit: David Benthal


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