Our Family Day at the Long Island Aquarium

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I’m a contributor for the blog with East End Getaway, so I find out about events first-hand. Not only am I in the know about all things East End, but I also get details from every perspective. Today, I am thrilled to share my experience at the Long Island Aquarium during winter break.

We planned our visit for Tuesday, February 18th. It was a rainy day, but that made it even more exciting to be going somewhere special. I have two girls. One is eight-years-old and the other 18-months-old. Grandma and great grandma joined us along with my niece, who is ten. My older daughter and niece have been going to the Long Island Aquarium since they were little and I’ve watched their appreciation grow over the years. Their attention to detail has increased as well. Yesterday’s visit was the most memorable yet.

Upon our arrival, we decided to take my toddler out of her stroller. We knew this was taking a risk, but did it anyway. It was the best moment. The older girls grabbed her hand and they headed over to the turtle tank. The baby was in awe of the adorable faces on the turtles, and I was in awe at how everyone was getting along and taking their time viewing.

As we crossed the bridge to the main indoor area, our excitement grew. Of course the clown fish tank with “Nemo” and “Dory” in it is always a favorite, along with the large tank of colorful tropical fish. My mom and grandmother really enjoyed the atmosphere. The overall favorite for the baby was the shark tank. She kept waving at the sharks and the large sting ray. Every few moments she would yell, “Hi!” and “Yay!” It was priceless.

As a special treat, we upgraded to the ticket that included the Butterfly, Bugs & Birds Exhibit. Wow, that was a great call! This was the first time that we experienced such extraordinary bird interaction. The sun conures were landing on our shoulders, arms and head. My eight-year-old loved that she had two spending time on her hoodie sweatshirt. The butterflies were breathtaking too.  I definitely recommend adding this to your ticket. It really rounds out the day.

Lunch was great, as they always have kid-friendly items along with healthy options for us moms on a diet. For a school break week, the aquarium was busy but kept very clean and staff were on point. We ran into the co-founder and aquarium curator, whom I’d met back in the summer at an event. He is affectionately known as Joe Fish and can often be found walking around with staff, or checking on a tank. Joe answered questions as well such as what the Piranhas ate and how often the fish were fed. He even explained to my niece that she could do the shark dive when she turned twelve. It’s people like this that make us feel welcomed, and keep us wanting to return to this destination.

Whether you are traveling to the area to stay or visiting for the day, I highly recommend planning an outing to the Long Island Aquarium. They’re a destination for families, couples and friends alike. Be sure to check out what they have planned on their calendar ahead of time in case you’re interested. They are always hosting special events throughout each season, such as the Penguins + Pajamas Sleepover planned for this week.  Click here for their website to explore more about visiting.





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