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Come dance under the full moon at this outrageously fun (and quiet) rave featuring DJ’s and multiple music genres. Quiet Events provides their three-channel LED-style headphones allowing guests to change channels to different types of music. Headphones light up with colors assigned to each channel so dancers can see what others are listening to base on the color of their headphones. At any given moment you might find a group of friends dancing to three different styles of music, which makes this event entertaining not only for the participants, but for onlookers as well.

Costumes required for this fun Halloween-themed dance party. We’ll have a contest on the best costumes, so get creative!

This event is held outdoors. Registration required.


Join Megan Chaskey for a meditative journey exploring our magical connection with trees. Do you have certain trees you particularly resonate with? We will celebrate this valuable source of energy and inspiration. You might even have a particular question you’d like an answer to! We will connect with the amazing trees on the grounds of Southampton Arts Center and tap into the wisdom each one has to share.

Includes anointing with a tree essential oil.